The OREGON PORK PRODUCERS State Fair Sale Committee will be made up of six individuals, a sale manager, and board representative.  The board of directors will request a list of proposed committee members from the state fair exhibitors, the board will then select the six individuals to serve on the committee.  The board of directors will also select a manager to serve as the seventh individual and a board member to serve as a liaison on the committee.  Each year two committee members will rotate off of the sale committee, but will be eligible for re-appointment if proposed by the state fair exhibitors.
Lowell Bickle
Committee Members:
Ed Kriche (term expires 2018)
Dennis McLain (term expires 2018)
Gayle Burke (term expires 2019)
Jack Hurley (term expires 2019)
Wynn Mayfield (term expires 2020)
Jason Sherman (term expires 2020)
Board Liaison:
Jennifer Blake
2018 Rules to come soon.